Craven Arms

N gauge
British outline

Analogue 12V DC

This layout has it’s origins in a layout that was was purchased from the Stockport club, as they had to leave their club houses at the Grammar School and needed to dispose of the layout.  Partly completed, we started on the refurbishment of this layout, as we felt we could improve on some of the issues we found after taking delivery.

However, as we began to work on this we began to realise that the layout wasn’t suitable for use at Hazel Grove.  The layout had been constructed at Stockport to remain in position at their club premises.  Although we knew of the sturdy construction when purchased, we soon began to realise that the weight of the boards was totally unsuitable for carrying the layout into the main rooms from its storage upstairs in the club house.

After some analysis and debate, we realised that the best way forward would be to scrap the heavy boards; recover all the track, points, point motors as well as wiring, and design a new layout more suited to the ‘put up and take down’ nature of our club.

We are now at the stage where we have decided on the nature of the next N gauge layout.  It will be based on Craven Arms in Shropshire.  We’re aiming for Exhibition standard in the build, and we will look to making the layout suitable for two eras; the transition from steam to diesel and the early days of blue diesels.  Initially the layout will be built for DC operation, but wired to enable conversion to DCC operation in the future.  We also will be using the baseboard design used by both Youngstown and Aldwyn Brook, but modified as necessary to suit our needs and requirements.

Design of the baseboards and the topography of the layout is now in hand, and we expect to start baseboard construction soon.

Of course we always need more hands to make progress, so if you are an N Gauge fan, please come along to the club any Monday and / or Friday to see the layout and lend us your support’